SIGHTS | Palio Limani in Kali Limenes


Agiofarago Beach

Agiofarago is located in the Heraklion prefecture (southern coast of Crete), between the Odigitria Monastery and Kaloi Limenes.


Saint Paul Cave at Kali Limenes

On the west of Kali Limenes, on the hill, you will meet the chapel of St. Paul, built on site of an earlier church of 1700, in honor of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew that visited Kali Limenes on November 15, 1992.


Beach at Chrysostomos

Chrisostomos is a small touristy village with a beach; it occupied the site of ancient Lasaia, one of the largest ports serving Gortyn.


Ancient Lassea

Lassea was a harbor of the Roman city Gortys, the capital of crete in Roman Era. Lasea was rich in copper deposits, that was excavated. St Paul mentions the town in his records for his stay on Crete.


Psili Ammos beach

East of the village Platia Peramata you will firstly meet the longest beach of Platia Peramata, called Psili Ammos, which is totally isolated and very beautiful.